First blog post

WordPress says I should use my post to say why I created this blog.

I created it to create fantasies that tug at reality.

It’s not real.

Believe anyway.

It’s more fun that way.


4 a.m.

It’s one of those nights I guess. Woke up to pee at 2, tossed and turned, and here I am.

What’s shaking, planet earth?

Strong silent type, huh?

Guess I’ll have to carry this conversation myself *crack’s knuckles*.

What’s there to talk about? School? Politics? I’m tired of both. Need to clear my head. Any recommendations?

I’m looking at the snowflakes out my window. I imagine most kids would be hoping for a day off right now. Me? I’m just looking. They’re like thousands of falling stars, fluffy, slow, soft.
…like my pj’s, HA!

So peaceful. I feel like there’s a deeper meaning in it all. Maybe it’ll reveal itself someday.

Anyway world, thanks for listening.